There is a need to exercise caution

The image of the leader in question, his acceptance among our cadres and the equations in his constituency must be considered before he is allowed to join the party," said a RSS leader.The Sangh leaders want that not more than 30-35 tickets should be given to turncoats and efforts must also be made to make sure that the local party workers are taken into confidence whenever an outsider is brought into the party.About 27 party office bearers in Basti district submitted their resignations after Congress MLA Sanjay Jaiswal joined the BJP.The Sangh decision assu-mes significance since it comes after BSP president Mayawati’s statement that the BJP did not have candidates of its own and was accepting her party’s "rejected maal".A senior BJP leader, who was part of the deliberations, said on Wednesday that the party was already facing the "problem of plenty" since leaders from other parties were queuing up at its doorstep.At the five day RSS conclave in Lucknow, the Sangh leadership made it clear that importance being given to outsiders was upsetting the party cadres and this could have an adverse impact on the elections.The RSS leadership has asked the BJP in UP not to give more than 35 tickets to outsiders who have recently joined the party."

There is a need to exercise caution while accepting leaders into the party fold.Moreover, some units of the BJP have been resenting the entry of outsiders."The Sangh leaders feel that this influx could have a positive psychological impact on the voters and may also create an artificial feeling of euphoria within the party, but it would damage the party in the long run because cadres are not willing to accept leaders from other parties," he said.The BJP allies, Apna Dal and Bhartiya Samaj Party, will not be included in this quota.The Sangh diktat is likely to put a brake into the entry of leaders from hammock suppliers other parties into the BJP on the eve of UP Assembly elections.

The legislators then complained

However, the complaints now are serious as they are against our own ministers, a Sena leader said and added that the ministers might be under pressure from the BJP.. Sunil Prabhu, the party whip from the Legislative Assembly, and Dr Neelam Gorhe, the party whip from Legislative Council, have been asked to compile reports on the issues that the MLAs have been following up with the ministers, which have been constantly ignored. On Monday, Mr Thackeray will meet legislators in a group, along with the party whips. More than 12 legislators were present at the meeting. However, the guardian minister, who belongs to BJP, ignored us and rejected our demand. To this, they were told to find the way out as this behaviour was obvious because they had won by contesting against the BJP.""Earlier, the MLA fund could be used for construction of Zilla Parishad schools and road works. The party chief had held a meeting of aggrieved legislators at party office ‘Shivalaya’ in Nariman Point on Thursday.

The legislators then complained that they did not feel they had power even while dealing with some of their "own" ministers. Now, our right has been taken away and zilla parishads are allowed to carry out the work.Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray will hold a meeting of party legislators at his residence Matoshree on Monday in light of the complaints received against minister of state (MoS) Vijay Shivtare and transport minister Diwakar Raote. According to a party insider, MLAs from Western Maharashtra are disappointed with the behaviour of Mr Shivtare, minister of state for water resources. "Mr Shivtare behaves with us like he behaves with BJP fold up gazebo party workers," said a legislator from Western Maharashtra, on condition of anonymity. Another MLA from one of the backward districts of Marathwada region said, "We asked him to make a provision for the development fund.According to a senior party leader, initially the party legislators complained that they were facing resistance from the BJP ministers. In such a situation, how can we show our development work to the voters " the angry legislators told The Asian Age. Mr Thackeray will meet the group of legislators, including the party whips and MLAs, while guardian ministers will not be allowed. Hence, guardian ministers will not be allowed, sources revealed. "Our own guardian minister treats me worse than the one during the Congress-NCP regime," the MLA said. The meeting is expected to provide a platform for direct dialogue between the party leadership and the MLAs.

Though he did not name any political outfit

He engaged the crowd, asking them to flash their cell phones, and said the collective light was an indication of the change that is to come in UP and for the Opposition to realise the saffron party’s growing strength across India. He also mentioned the BJP’s performance in the recent Assembly elections, including in Assam where it formed its first government.K.Earlier, at the national executive meet, Mr Modi, in his concluding remarks, gave party leaders and cadres seven mantras to implement in their manner and policies — balance, patience, coordination, positive attitude, dialogue, compassion and a helpful nature. In the land of "Ma Ganga", "vikas", or development, was yet again the Modi mantra. Addressing a mammoth rally at the Parade Ground near Sangam in Allahabad, the Prime Minister said amid chants of "Modi, Modi" that "development will gain momentum only when the seeds of communalism, dynastic rule and corruption are removed". The document also said that the BJP is gearing up for the next round of Assembly elections, due early next year, with the "renewed energy and vigour that it has derived from the recent electoral successes as well as the successes achieved by the Modi government in the last two years". "Let the people of the state decide whether the law and order of the state is good or not," he remarked. He said UP needs to rid itself of corruption, nepotism, goonda raj, communalism, casteism and arrogance. When told that UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav has claimed nothing as alleged happened in Kairana, Mr Jaitley said if the UP CM was ready, then he should accept the people’s referendum on the law and order issue in the 2017 polls.When asked about the national executive’s view on the Kairana and Mathura incidents, he said party president Amit Shah had already taken up both issues during his inaugural speech on Sunday. BJP veterans L. "

There is nothing to discount gazebos wholesale add to it as the BJP has already expressed its concern on law and order in the state, the exodus of Hindus in Kairana and the violence in Mathura," he saidEarlier, Union road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari said Mr Shah has set up a nine-member team to visit Kairana to probe the exodus of Hindus over the past couple of yearsThe national executive also adopted a political resolution which hailed the party’s performance in the recent Assembly elections..The PM lauded UP’s contribution in the last general election and appreciated how the state helped the BJP-led NDA get a large mandate.Mr Modi said whenever the country faced any difficulty, UP took the initiative to sort it out, and described UP’s people as generous. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi were also present and Mr Modi described Dr Joshi, MP from Kanpur, as "UP’s pride" and the party’s "source of inspiration". Earlier, while mentioning the names of party leaders, Union ministers and BJP chief ministers on the dais, Mr Modi said UP has a "dabdaba (dominance)" in the Union council of ministers as he named Union ministers Rajnath Singh, Manohar Parrikar, Kalraj Mishra, Santosh Gangwar and Sanjiv Balyan.Asserting that UP needs development and that the BJP is the only party with a "vikas mantra" , Mr Modi, seeking support for the BJP in the 2017 UP Assembly polls, said he would like to repay the debt he incurred when the state sent him to Parliament as its representative. He described Mr Rajnath Singh as UP’s "aan, baan aur shaan (pride and glory)" and referred to Mr Kalraj Mishra as his "oldest friend".Invoking "Nishadraj", a character from the Ramayan, he said the credit for a single political party getting a huge mandate (a simple majority) after 30 years goes to UP, which gave the BJP 71 out of the state’s total 80 parliamentary seats.He said Prayag (Allahabad) got this name because in ancient times a yagna was held for "lokhitaarth" (people’s benefit) and that the same yagna would be performed in the state for development.

It described the BJP as the only pan-Indian party and as one emerging as the natural party of governance in many states.Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday sounded the poll bugle in Uttar Pradesh, launching a two-pronged attack, on the SP and the BSP, and saying the politics of casteism, nepotism and favouritism must end. It also asserted that every election, from panchayat to Parliament, was important to expand its electoral and ideological influence. Though he did not name any political outfit, the BJP has been attacking the ruling SP on these issues. He also mentioned the various surveys of two years of his government at the Centre and said "Modi passed 1st class".Briefing the media on the PM’s talking points at the meeting, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley said Mr Modi had said that governance should be used to benefit society and that the BJP has made geographical advances in areas where it was historically weak. Mr Modi is an MP from Varanasi. He told party leaders that shouting slogans would not help the party but what would help was the inclusion of people in taking forth the message of development and the government’s initiatives.

The crackdown came hours after

DMDK chief Vijayakanth on Tuesday faced a revolt in the party with 10 senior functionaries, including three MLAs and propaganda secretary, questioning his decision to align with the PWF, shortly after which they were expelled..Claiming that the decision to align with PWF was against the wishes Folding umbrella Factory of 95 per cent of party workers and functionaries, they also virtually gave an ultimatum to Mr Vijayakanth to go back on his decision by noon on Wednesday and align with the DMK.C.By immediately sacking them, party sources said, captain, as Mr Vijayakanth is called by his supporters, has sent a stern message that party’s official line should be toed and there was no room for dissent.H. While Mr Sekar is also the party’s Tiruvallur East district secretary, Mr Parthiban is Salem West district secretary. Sekar and S.C.Under the DMDK-PWF poll pact reached last month, Mr Vijayakanth was declared the chief ministerial candidate and his party allotted a lion’s share of 124 of the 234 Assembly seats with the PWF getting 110.Of the expelled functionaries, Chandrakumar, also the DMDK whip in the Assembly, is the most prominent face of the party.

The crackdown came hours after V. The DMK had actively wooed Mr Vijayakanth but he surprisingly chose to go with the four-party PWF comprising the MDMK led by Mr Vaiko, CPI(M), CPI and Thol Thirumavalavan-headed VCK. Parthiban are the other MLAs expelled.Mr Chandrakumar, along with his colleague S Mohanraj — who did not side with the dissenters — had stood up for the DMDK in the Assembly taking on the numerically stronger treasury benches.R. Chandrakumar, MLA and propaganda secretary, led other party functionaries, including two other MLAs, in demanding that Mr Vijayakanth go with the DMK and questioned his decision to align with the People’s Welfare Front."Since they violated party discipline, besmirched and brought disrepute to the the party, they are expelled from their respective posts and primary membership of the party," Mr Vijayakanth said in a statement.

It has to still build on the big themes

The "green shoots of recovery", to use the favourite word of Indian analysts who try and talk up the economy, are anything but. If there was one state where the objective of Congress-mukti had been achieved, it was Gujarat. Apart from Rajkot, where it was in a neck-to-neck race with the BJP, the BJP won comprehensively. The Congress has added its voice, but it is not a strong, clear one. Questions arise: Is it willing to come out and lead a campaign against this rise in the communal temperature Is it ready to lead the way and make an unambiguous statement that it will always oppose any attempts to sow hatred Or will it remain mealy mouthed and soft-pedal on the issue For this, it needs to get back to its first principles, to unequivocally say it stands for a secular India.The election results for local bodies in Gujarat have come as a morale booster for the Congress. It had just no answer for the Bharatiya Janata Party and, in the last decade or so, Narendra Modi had effectively finished it off as a serious player. The Grand Old Party has come back roaring in the district-level bodies, clearly showing it not only has the support of the rural masses but, more important, its own party structures seem in good shape. Across the country, the Congress has limited support among urban voters. Nitish Kumar did not fall into the trap of indulging in soft-Hindutva and Lalu Prasad Yadav took on the BJP for its attempts at polarisation.

The bigger question is — what does the Congress really stand for The Congress has not convincingly put forward its own programme on critical issues. But building the party’s machine is one part of it; offering itself as an all-round alternative is another. They backed Mr Modi the last time, and there is a good chance they will do so again, unless another alternative emerges in the coming years. The two good back-to-back electoral performances can in no way be extrapolated to show that the party is on the road to recovery; if a general election is held today, the Congress cannot hope to do much better than what it did, even if some of the sheen has faded from the BJP. Will it be ready to do so in other states, such as Uttar Pradesh That will require a big strategic shift in the Congress way of thinking; in the past the party has shown a remarkable ability to mould itself to circumstances — who would have thought it would successfully run coalitions at the Centre — but to play second fiddle to say, Mayawati or Mamata Banerjee will not be easy..Elections will come and go. Many Indians are aghast and angry at the rise in communally-linked violence and the incendiary statements that Hindutva types have been making. In some of the forthcoming state level elections, the Congress stands a good chance of doing well.Rahul Gandhi has been attacking the Prime Minister and scoring a few points too, but jibes and mockery can only go so far. This will wholesale tents Factory help in preparing for the 2019 elections. They clearly show that that the urban voter, at least in that state, is not enamoured of the Congress. This is a state in which the party, after dominating it for over four decades, was lying in a comatose state. It is not enough to invoke past leaders nor can it remain content in pointing out the BJP’s failures. A march here or a statement there, to respond to events, doesn’t add up to much.But there are no full stops in politics. It has to revamp not just the party organisation, but also to clearly lay out what its ideological positions are.

It has to still build on the big themes, such as secularism, tolerance and inclusiveness. Without good candidates and an organisational machinery that functions smoothly, no party can hope to win elections. But that could be a flash in the pan — will these very youngsters vote for his party Will they be convinced that what the Congress has to offer is any better than what the BJP promises There is some disappointment with the performance of the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre, but that could easily change.That would be a mistake. His speech in Bengaluru won him the support of young Indians who saw him as willing to take criticism and full of interesting ideas.Take the Gujarat results, for example. Only then will the Congress be able to establish not just what it is but how it is different from the BJP. Citizens — from artists to writers to film stars to students — have come forward and protested against the rising intolerance in the country.Second, the Bihar victory came as part of a grand coalition in which the Congress was the junior partner. Occasionally a statement comes from the Congress, but the organisation needs to make a robust commitment to secular values to really stand out. It played the catalyst’s role in bringing two arch enemies together — and more important, keeping them together — but did not lead the combine. Add to that its success in getting the government to agree with its views on Goods and Services Tax; the memories of the humiliating defeat in 2014 may now look like a distant nightmare. The BJP’s losses have not made much difference to Mr Modi’s popularity, nor have Mr Gandhi’s recent outreach turned him into a formidable rival. For the Congress, any chance of a good performance in 2019 is still a chimera, notwithstanding the victories in Bihar and Gujarat.Most crucially, several factors contribute to electoral victories, including the voters’ disillusionment with the other party; what the Congress needs is a major structural overhaul. Only then will all those Indians who are worried about what is happening in India, but see no alternative, look at the Congress seriously.Coming on top of the party’s better-than-expected performance in Bihar, the Congress should be feeling somewhat buoyant.

The toxic campaign unleashed

Thank you to all the party workers for their hard work..Delhi, which has seen a major demographic change in the past two decades, where lower and lower middle voters now dominate the class character of the city, instead of just the middle class, over 50 per cent of voters favoured the liberalised character of the AAP, whose campaign focused around its work and whose leaders refrained from hitting back at the acerbic language used by some BJP leaders.The BJP’s strategy of personal attacks against Mr Kejriwal also went against it as his image as well as his party’s socio-economic vision proved more powerful than the BJP leadership and its communal and polarising poll strategy.. The BJP’s mainifesto also failed to impress Delhi voters, who went along with the AAP, that is seen more closer to the masses than the BJP, at least when it comes to the Assembly polls."(Arvind) Kejriwal has emerged as China foldable gazebo Manufacturers a socialist force, at least when it comes to Delhi politics. With the belief that the Aam Aadmi Party government will work for Delhi’s development, I congratulate Arvind Kejriwal and his party," tweeted BJP president J.While the entire BJP top brass was engaged in the campaign, Mr Kejriwal’s connect with the lower and lower middle class and the BJP’s failure to reconnect with the middle class, considered its support base, and also the leadership crisis in the BJP Delhi unit, only added to its woes.New Delhi: The toxic campaign unleashed by the BJP along with its unsuccessful attempts to consolidate the "Hindu votebank" extended the saffron party’s vanvaas in the national capital, which voted again for Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, now being hailed as the new socialist force.

The BJP, which won all seven parliamentary seats in May last year, got its hopes of returning to power in Delhi brutally dashed by the AAP,  which will form the government for a third consecutive term.".BJP Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari, who earlier in the day had predicted a huge victory for his party, tweeted: "Thanks to all the voters of Delhi.P. Kejriwal and AAP the have become more close to the masses in Delhi than any other political leader or party.. We will raise all issues related to the development of Delhi. I hope the Delhi government will live up to the expectations of the people. He has managed to woo the lower class and lower middle class which are more dominating than the middle class now in Delhi’s demography. But the general view within the BJP is that its aggressive campaign led by BJP president J.While the BJP’s voteshare increased compared to the last Assembly polls, its tally remained in single digits, which some of the party’s top leaders had claimed would easily cross the 40 mark. Instead of a vision for Delhi, our party focused on polarising issues that got rejected," said a senior BJP leader. Subsidised water and electricity, and free rides in DTC buses for women, were also of considerable help to the AAP.. We respect the mandate of people. @ArvindKejriwal congratulations to you."The BJP accepts the people’s mandate and we will fulfil the role of a constructive Opposition. Nadda and Union home minister Amit Shah had galvanised the cadre. However, after the BJP’s humiliating debacle after the Jharkhand polls, the party office was abuzz with rumours that the leadership was "actually trying to enthuse" its cadre through the "feedback" and "internal surveys", but were aware of the "real position". Nadda.

After Jharkhand, Delhi is the second example where the BJP failed to gain electorally, with its staunch support in favour of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and National Register of Citizens (NRC) seen as "anti-Muslim" by the Opposition camp. Factionalism and the state leadership’s failure to enthuse the cadre also proved devastating for the BJP.Speculation is now rife that the BJP leadership will overhaul the party’s Delhi unit, which failed to make any impressive impact since the party last ruled the national capital. At a time when all economic indicators are on a downward spital, the BJP’s caustic remarks against the Shaheen Bagh protests also failed to give it the desired results.